Weekend Special: To Be Wired or Not

March 2, 2013 by Carlos Schäfer leave a comment

Mindfulness teaches us to be simple, to remove all those extra fittings that distract us. Mindfulness tells us we can indeed be content by distancing ourselves from material possessions.  Our modern life though is full of distractions. We are all dependent on machines to make our jobs simple. But we take it one step further and get gadgets that we may or may not need. Only the best and latest will do for us.

I hate glasses!

Just another way to keep me wired!

Now, I am not going to preach here. Not at all… I am just as guilty. I was just drooling over the Google Glass demo video – a first look at augmented reality glasses that was unveiled recently. One more way to keep me wired to the network. Just one little problem: I hate wearing glasses! But, a cool gadget, isn’t it?