What is therapy and why should I go?

Therapy helps you solve some of those problems and to understand them better. It puts you in control, allowing you to live with them but handle the situations more effectively and positively.

At Beyond What’s Possible, we work with you to help you achieve what is not possible today. Even though you wish they were achievable or possible, you find them unattainable and outside your reach. You will like to wake up in the morning full of energy bit you are feeling the blue. Or maybe you will like to make a better impression but you get anxious and nervous in front of people. You would like to have a better relationship with your partner but you don’t know how to makes this happen.

Therapy is an opportunity to explore issues on your life and improve the current situation.

The key goal at Beyond What’s Possible is much deeper than helping you to stop suffering. While that is an important part, providing welcomed relief for you and those around you, our therapy is built around supporting you so you are able to enjoy life more fully and attain a level of contentment that previously seemed beyond your reach.

Do you seek better understanding with your colleagues or family?

Is there drug or alcohol abuse and you wish to stop it?

Are you struggling with personal relationships?

Are you unable to move past a painful experience or loss?

Do you find yourself stuck in familiar but restrictive, or even destructive, patterns of behaviour?

Are depress or feeling anxious?

We don’t intentionally engage in a way that is destructive or brings on pain. The belief that life shouldn’t be a struggle is shared by many people. No one wakes up each morning hoping to face a crisis or a confrontation. Yet, millions face those exact situations daily.

If you are one of those, you yearn for something different. You want a way to have a more fulfilling life. Give us a call on 0386770847.