First therapy session

Prior to the start of the session, Personal Information forms are completed. We dispense of this task before the session so we can focus on important things in session and not to be interrupted.

In order for therapy to be effective and worthwhile, the client and the therapist need to feel comfortable with each other. Successful therapy relies on mutual honesty, willingness to be engaged on the process and openness.

During this initial process, you form an opinion of the therapist and determine whether you want to continue. At the same time, the therapist assesses whether he is in a good position to help you. If he determines he is not, he then refers you to a professional he thinks is best able to help.

If you are a professional, manager or executive, we believe we have the right psychologist for you. (link to section 3)

If you both wish to proceed, he then provides details to you on what the process involves and what you will experience in therapy. This is done with the intention of making sure you get the most benefit from your sessions.

Together, you and your therapist identify what you want to achieve. This provides insight and helps the therapist determine how to conduct your sessions. Together, you and your therapist agree on the desired outcomes.

Your therapist also provides an explanation of the privacy policy that covers your sessions.

From there, your therapist begins helping you with your immediate needs and managing your issue at hand in the best possible way.

We encourage you to contact our office with any questions you have.