Unhappiness & Depression Counselling in Melbourne

Of all the issues and ailments treated through outpatient services, depression counselling is one of the most common, one in five people experience depression at some stage of their lives.. Yet, it is an ailment that is commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed. At Beyond Whats Possible we provide individualised depression counselling in Melbourne.

Being diagnosed with depression does not need the presence of suicidal thoughts, nor is someone necessarily suffering from depression if they are sad or feeling “blue.”

One reason why depression is misdiagnosed is because many people self-diagnose as being depressed.

Diagnosing Depression

In order to accurately determine if someone is suffering from depression, our psychologists perform a thorough examination, focusing on several areas. Among them:

  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities and daily routine
  • Worrying and negative thinking
  • Irritability, agitation and fatigue
  • Hopelessness
  • Change of Energy level
  • Changes in sleep patterns and habits
  • Interest reduction or lack of pleasure
  • Concentration or attention issues
  • Changes in appetite or weight gain/loss

If they find you are not depress and that you are feeling down or sad, they will still support you and help you, but they will do it with the right tools and treatment.

Depression is More than Feeling Sad

As evidenced by the list above, depression includes the presence of various and sometime overlapping experiences.

For many, depression is the same as feeling sad, downhearted, upset or detached. However, a person may feel all of these emotions without being depressed. Feelings of sadness or the ‘blues’ are normal, generally brief and have little or no effect on normal functioning.

Depression is an emotional, physical and cognitive state. The difficult part is distinguishing a normal feeling of sadness, for instance after suffering a loss, from that of depression.

Whether you are suffering from depression, grief or another emotional issue, our psychologists have the training and experience to support and guide you through the process.

Depression counselling in Melbourne

Depression is not something to be ashamed of. Nor should it bring about feelings of guilt. As varied as the symptoms of depression are, so too are the causes.

Extensive research has shown there to be no single cause of depression. It derives from any or all of biochemical, environmental, developmental, genetic/heredity and psychological factors.

Your psychologists will discuss with you the various options for treatment and determine the best course for you. Treatment plans are individualized for each client taking into account the many causes for the depression and factors in the client’s life, such as family and work.

For more information about depression counselling in Melbourne and whether we are able to help you, please contact us today.