Couple counseling/Marriage Counseling

Have you been contemplating couple counseling/marriage counseling?

Are you and your partner finding everything you want in your relationship?

Do you feel as if the relationship has reached a plateau?

Do you look forward to your time together? Or do you dread it?

Are you about to make a big decision or transition like buying a house or having kids and this is taxing on your relationship?

Or your relationship is upfront not working and you either need support to make it work or need support to move away from the relationship?

One of the most difficult topics to bring up with a partner is whether or not to seek couple counseling/marriage counseling. There is no one who is able to make that decision other than the two of you. Many people think of couple counselling only when things have gone really sour. Couple counseling/marriage counseling can be a great way to go through transitions in a smother and happier way and can help you to have a more fulfilling relationship. Some couples go to the gym together to be healthy and look nicer for each other; you could think of couples counselling as a gym for your relationship.

Regardless of the circumstances, the fact that you are researching the topic indicates that couple counseling/marriage counseling is a possibility for you or someone you know.

Beyond What’s Possible is not here to answer that question for you; but you can always call us and ask to talk with one of our psychologist free of charge to assess your situation and help you with your decision. . Once a decision is made to participate in couple counseling/marriage counseling, we are here to help you move in either direction.

In order for progress to be made, we start by working with you to identify the real issues; separating the secondary ones allows us to get to the core, where we begin our work together. We can also help you to make your relationship more fulfilling.

A common accomplishment in counselling for couples is the improved communication that occurs, but that is not the only benefit.

When you read the questions at the top of this page, do you relate to them at all? Some couples find themselves in relationships where neither person is happy yet don’t know how to voice their concerns. Wishing things were different and hoping for change is not a productive approach to take.

Counselling is a healthy activity and it does not mean the relationship is going to end. On the contrary, it means at least one of you has an interest in strengthening it or at the very least, exploring ways to make your lives better.

For questions about our couple counseling/marriage counseling in Melbourne and for help in deciding if counselling is for you, please contact us on 86770847, if our receptionist is unable to answer your question one of our psychologist will call you back.