Addiction and drugs

In this section we mainly talk about substance abused but this general principles are applied to most addictions.

Who determines what constitutes substance abuse? Is all substance use harmful? Does it rise to the level of abuse?

Based on extensive research on the topic, Beyond What’s Possible does not believe in a Zero Tolerance approach. To be clear though, any use of a psychoactive substance has the potential to cause harm.

There is no identifiable line that can be applied to separate substance use versus abuse. Sometimes, one drink can be enough to cause harm for an alcoholic. Drug abuse is no different and this is the case with most addcitions.

Generally, abuse will affect one or more of the following:

o The individual

o Their family and friends

o Their work colleagues

o The broader community

Harmful substance abuse has been the subject of a long public debate; we are not here to continue that debate nor judge you. We are here to help.

The journey you are about to embark on or continue, is not an easy one. Your decision to take the next step shows you are aware there is a problem and you have an interest in getting control of your life again.

If a substance can bring about harmful change, either psychologically or physically, it is potentially harmful. This includes not only drugs, but alcohol, prescription meds, illegal substances, tobacco or even caffeine.

During treatment, we approach the problem by not focusing on only the substance, but the underlying causes or reasons for the abuse and dealing with associated or related issues:

Why is the drug or other harmful substance being used?

At what point has it become a problem?

What other problems are present as a result?

How do you handle cravings?

Do you want to cut down or eliminate use?

How is this affecting your love ones and what support we can give them?

We work closely with individuals and their family and friends to support them through this process. A guiding principle we work toward is harm minimisation, both in terms of the individual and their surrounding environment.

Progress is not always easy or apparent, so when it is recognised it should be acknowledged and rewarded. We are creatures of habit and addictive habits are amongst the most difficult to undo. With our help and your willingness, we will get you there.

For information on our Drug Rehabilitation counselling and for answers to your specific concerns, please contact us.