Career management and Work Counselling

Is your career path clearly defined? Does it resemble a well-lit trail? Or is it more like a meandering road with many dead-ends?

Have you been close to that promotion but you haven’t got it?

Are you about to have a career transition and need some advice?

You are a senior manager or executive willing to lead a team but things are not working the way you want?

For some, the career path they take is pre-defined based on the occupation. For others, their professional goals and aspirations do not rise to a level of importance for them, so they spend little time planning their careers.

For the rest of us who are driven to succeed and excel, the choices made have a profound impact now and in the future. Knowing where you want to be is commendable; knowing how to get there is a separate issue.

That is where our career and work counselling can help.