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Executive Coaching

Our practitioners have extensive experience in the corporate world and understand the many associated complexities. Our staff have been managers, executives and consultants themselves and now spend their time helping others develop and navigate their careers.

They understand that when a workplace issues occur, they are not confined to a 9-to-5 problem. Work-related difficulties and issues do not take time off. They start out in your professional life, oftentimes small and insignificant, but predictably they get bigger at work and they may seep into your personal life and affect you and your family.

If you are going through this, you can identify with what we describe. The good news is Beyond What’s Possible is here to support you. We have helped many others like you. Together we manage and resolve the issues, allowing you to shed the weight and anxiety, making it possible to flourish and excel – at work and at home.

Our professional psychologists are specially trained in workplace issues, and they have been there and done it themselves. They understand companies and how the intricacies of human relationships play an important role in your satisfaction and self-worth. They have been managers and some of them still work within corporations. When you say I have a problem with my boss they know and understand the deep impact that that has in your life. I have a request from the GM or the Board, they know the pressure that this means. They also know the pressure that you feel when you need to restructure an organisation and how you can’t stop thinking of who is right for the job and who is not.

Diverse workplace experiences complement our psychologist backgrounds, giving them insight into how thing are outside the consulting rooms in the real world.

We are accomplished therapists in:

  • Corporate stress management
  • Drug rehabilitation
  • Individual therapy in relation to treating anxiety and depression
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Work and personal Relationship Issues
  • Deciding life’s path and Self Management
  • Couple’s Therapy

Our approach is not a sterile, textbook style, filled with outdated modes and endless sessions. We integrate evidence based therapy and bring it to life by approaching it in a practical way complementing it with other techniques that makes sense in a day-to-day life. Because of this, the progress is constant and the results measurable. We know you are busy and that you can’t afford not to be performing at your best , so call us on 03-86770847 and book an appointment with one of our psychologist with extensive experience on therapy and organisational issues.