Trauma Support

Trauma is subjective; what renders one person dysfunctional may not have the same impact on another. On the other hand, sometimes traumatic events can remain submerged in the mind, fester emotionally, and cause far more damage than the original event. Which is why seeking trauma support after a life threatening event is important.

Can I Get By with Less Sleep?

A lot of cognitive and behaviour problems have poor sleep at the core. Research indicates that poor sleep leads to higher cortisol levels (cortisol controls stress); consequently, with less sleep, you are more stressed out. Also, your brain cells get regenerated (due to IgF-1 production) during the early hours of sleep. Naturally, the later you go to bed, the more you are at risk for declining brain function.

Dissociation: A Case Study

When I first began my social work career at a rape crisis centre, I had the privilege of working alongside a 25-year-old woman called Emma. Emma was referred to me for counselling due to childhood trauma. We engaged in weekly therapy sessions for two years. Over the course of the therapy, Emma revealed a complex and fascinating survival system (DID) that developed due to the horrific sexual abuse she had experienced by a family member from the age of three. Emma gave me permission to use her art and journal entries to help educate others about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The picture displays Emma’s system, and provides a example of how she began to make connections within her dissociative system.

Anxiety and Courage

What do you do when an authority figure is shaming you? Do you have the courage to find your voice in an unequal power arrangement? Solome Tibebu’s website has the answer. Started by her when she was in her teens herself and couldn’t find the support that she was looking for, the website has a lot of articles on how to cope with anxiety and also a support forum.

Weekend Special: To Be Wired or Not

Do I really need an augmented reality Google Glass?

Mindfulness Theories: Finding the Balance

Many people use the Internet at the office for checking personal emails, posting on Facebook and other social media, doing online shopping etc. So much so that many organizations have rules to deter employees from surfing and in many workplaces there’s software in place to block websites that are not work related. However, this might not be beneficial at all, according to a new research which says using willpower to delay gratification can negatively impact performance. We are not convinced, though. Read more…

What’s New

Beyond What’s Possible has a new banner. Find out why… Oh, and yes, this blog is new too!

The Aftermath of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and its aftermath typically brings in two thoughts: Does true love need just one specific day for expression? Is there such a thing as “true love”? If there is, why do people cheat?
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