The Aftermath of Valentine’s Day

February 17, 2013 by Carlos Schäfer leave a comment

To those of us who are in love and those who have loved and lost, Valentine’s Day and its aftermath typically brings in two thoughts:

Does true love need just one specific “sentimental” day for expression?


Is there such a thing as “true love”? If there is, why do people cheat?

I recently saw a captivating TED talk by anthropologist Helen Fisher who takes on this tricky topic of love – especially romantic love, and why it is the most powerful, plunging people into depression when they lose out on romantic love. She goes on to give her viewpoint on why people cheat.  According to Helen, there are three brain systems: lust, romantic love and attachment, and these are not always connected. She says this is why we can be in love with more than one person at a time. Now, Helen has written many books on this subject, including “Anatomy of Love” and “Why We Love”, and her talk is wonderfully informative, peppered with a lot of data, stories, and trends. Here’s the video, watch it, and do let us know what you think: