Medicare Rebate

Beyond What’s Possible participates in the Australian government’s Medicare program. Medicare recognises the importance and validity of psychological treatment, providing access to care for millions who might otherwise try to cope on their own without professional assistance.

Medicare rebates are available immediately and transferred to your bank account when you pay with cash, check or EFTPOS. For most clients, there is no need to visit a Medicare office and the rebate is deposited in your cheque or savings account almost instantly.

Beyond What’s Possible accepts most major private health insurance programs for your convenience. Check your health plan to see what is covered. If you have coverage for psychological services, we provide the documentation necessary for you to be reimbursed by your provider.

If you are in need of our services but do not qualify for Medicare, do not have private insurance coverage and are unable to afford our services, please contact our office and inquire if any options exist for alternative plans or discounts.

Information on Medicare Coverage

Australian Government | Medicare Australia:

This online resource offers information about qualifications for coverage, what services are covered and has information available to answer all your questions about reimbursement.
Medicare was established on the premise that all Australian’s should have access to affordable, high-quality health care. Counselling services and psychological treatment are integral components of that.