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Beyond What’s Possible – Expert Psychologist Team

Beyond What’s Possible (BWP) is an experienced and qualified team of psychologists in Melbourne that supports the transformation of people and organisations into achievers of what they previously thought was unattainable.  We offer you the support, guidance and tools you need to expand your current limits. Our team of psychologists in Melbourne have expertise in counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, as well as corporate performance and consulting services for organisations.

The psychologists at Beyond What’s Possible and the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice have experience in three main areas:

At Beyond What’s Possible, our psychologists in Melbourne can assist you with issues ranging from anger management right through to marriage counselling. So please do not hesitate to contact us today to help get your life on the right track without fear or judgement.

The Centre for Emotion Focused Practice is a dedicated community of psychologists who help clients build effective coping mechanisms and explore underlying issues through emotion focused therapy. The Centre offers individual and group counselling services (with multilingual support) to couples, families, children, adults, adolescents, schools and organisations for a wide range of psychological issues.

Beyond’s What’s Possible is closely associated with the Centre for Emotion Focused Practice.

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